mojis ibiza animal sanctuary
MOJIS Ibiza Animal Sanctuary  

mojis ibiza animal sanctuary
Animal Sanctuary Ibiza
For most residents, life on Ibiza is amazing.
But there is one thing spoiling our paradise.

Animals suffer a lot of cruelty on Ibiza !!

Unconditional ’Lover of ALL animals’, Abraham Barroso, is a true animal “whisperer” who rescues abandoned, mistreated & neglected animals and provides them safe heaven and rehabilitation in his private, non-profit & unsubsidized animal sanctuary MOJIS, set in the Northern countryside close to San Lorenzo, Ibiza.

Abraham is single handedly changing the attitude towards animals, by dedicating all his time, energy and money to rescuing and rehoming abandoned, mistreated, neglected and unwanted animals at MOJIS.
Being a skilled animal behaviorist and qualified animal caretaker & trainer he not only helps animals to regain health and confidence but he also assists children to overcome their fear and moreover contributes to changing future attitudes by teaching today’s children respect, care and love for all animals.

MOJIS Animal Sanctuary Ibiza, founded by Abraham in 2008, is currently home to a variety of animals, such as: cats, dogs, horses, wild pigs, goats, hens, guinea pigs & ducks.

MOJIS Animal Sanctuary Ibiza is solely depending on donations and Abraham’s earnings as bartender are insufficient to cover all expenses and although he additionally provides sensory dog trainings and equine therapy, this remarkable sanctuary needs all the financial help it can get....and welcomes everyone helping to raise money to support the work with these animals and to balance the budget for winter feeding & shelter.

Ibiza 4 all, MOJIS Animal Sanctuary Ibiza - Non Profit Organisation.
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